Nature Chronicles

Tell a story; leave a legacy. Nature Chronicles aims to document North Carolinians’ experiences in nature. Stories, told to friends, family, lovers, teachers and students, are recorded at The HERP Project’s Celebrations, and archived here on the Cyberhub to be shared with the general public.

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Denise Renfro tells her children, Arjay & Taylor, about a time when she smelled a mysterious smell. Read more…

Taylor, Denise and Arjay Renfro

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Herpetologist John Roe tells his son about the time he was bit by a turtle in front of his students. Read more…

Tasman and John Roe

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Susan Keels tells our interviewer about her scariest experience in nature. Read more…

Susan Keels

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Robert Hughes and Cuddles

Robert Hughes tells facilitator Tricia Runzel about his nineteen pet snakes. Read more…

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Carlisha Hall and Cat Wilson

UNC-Pembroke environmental studies students Carlisha Hall and Catheryn Wilson discuss what people can do to help the environment. Read more…

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Mahala Richardson and Elijah SheekMahala Richardson and Elijah Sheek share messages with other children about protecting the natural world. Read more…

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