Meet the Team

The HERP Project team was led by Catherine Matthews (UNCG), Heidi Carlone (UNCG), and Terry Tomasek (Elon) all K-12 science educators in Schools of Education and Biologists Ann Somers (UNCG) and Andy Ash (UNCP).

Catherine Matthews oversaw all science education aspects of The HERP Project. She directed the Eastern Piedmont HRE and Celebrations and assisted Heidi Carlone with research. Heidi Carlone guided The HERP Project’s research team. Ann Somers managed the Box Turtle Study and was a liaison with partner agencies. She oversaw scientific data collection and the Cyberhub. Terry Tomasek directed the Eastern Piedmont HRE as part of The Elon Academy at Elon University and Celebrations and assisted with research. Andy Ash, directed the Inner Coastal Plain HRE and Celebrations.

Other Senior Staff included Benjamin Filene, Director of Public History in UNCG’s History Department. He is an award winning, nationally renowned figure known for public projects that elicit community voices to bring new perspectives on key cultural issues. He lead Nature Chronicles. Lynn Sametz leads the Research and Instruction in STEM Education (RISE) network at UNCG, which fostered communication and collaboration among UNCG STEM stakeholders. She worked as a Project Manager who coordinates advisory board meetings, Celebrations and the research and evaluation components of The HERP Project.