Anna and Marissa

Young Anna tells friend Marisa about a time she rescued an injured newt.

Marissa_and_AnnaM: I remember when you went on this trip with your class and you found this three-toed newt. What was that thing that you found?

A: An orange-crested, it was an orange-crested newt. It had actually four toes on its left-back, its left-front paw, hand basically.

M: OK.

A: Its back, and both of its back legs but it’s right one had one missing toe and dirt on it, or a nub where it should have been. And I’m thinking that somebody stepped on it accidentally and cut it off.

M: Oh, boy; but it was alive when you found it?

A: Yeah, it was barely breathing so I took a giant magnolia leaf that my teacher had found. I scooped it up and put it in a bush.

M: So it could live. That was a good idea.

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