Samuel Young shares his knowledge of snakes with his dad and offers advice for other children.

Samuel and Art Young

AY: Wow, ok. So all the kids are out there listening to this. What message would you like to give them about nature?

SY: Well just know that snakes cannot hurt you unless you hurt them, so just if you see one in your yard, go get a botany book–not a botany book–a snake book or something and bring it outdoors and try to identify if it’s venomous or not. If it is, then don’t mess with it. If it has a rattle at the end of the tail, still don’t mess with it because it’s still venomous. But if it’s not venomous then you should still leave it alone because it’s just a wild snake.

AY: What about your parents? I mean go get a parent? Should you kill a wild snake?

SY: No.

AY: No?

SY: There’s no reason to kill it unless it striked you.

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