Lisa Myles discusses nature with her 4-year-old daughter Louise

Lisa_and_Louise_MylesLisa M: What’s one of your favorite things to do out in nature when it’s so sunny?

Louise M: Swing on the swing.

Lisa M: Yes, Louise loves to swing on the swings and so does Jaclyn. And when we’re swinging on the swings, what do we see outside? We see so many interesting things.

Louise M: Squirrels.

Lisa M: We do. We see squirrels and what else?

Louise M: And birds.

Lisa M: And birds. And one time you looked out your bedroom window and what did you see outside in a tree?

Louise M: A nest!

Lisa M: You saw a nest!

SP: What do you think lived in the nest?

Louise:  I don’t know.

SP: What do you think your guess is?

Louise M: A peacock!

SP: A peacock! That’s a pretty good guess.

Lisa M: A peacock. And what else did we think it was?

Louise M: My daddy thinks it was a squirrel nest.

Lisa M: It was a squirrel’s nest.

Louise M: Or a bird’s.

Lisa M: Or a bird’s nest, yes.

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