Dickerson, Dill, and Gilbert


Alexis Dickerson, Sophia Dill, and Lea Gilbert reflect on their changing views of the natural world:

Dickerson, Dill, and GilbertAD: Have your feelings about the natural world changed in recent years?

LG: I don’t think they’ve changed very much.

SD: Not really, just how much time I’ve gotten to go outdoors has changed.

LG: Yeah.

AD: I think mine has changed because, you know, being little and going outside, everything is just amazing [all laugh]! Look at that rock! It’s the best rock I’ve ever seen! And now growing up, it’s kind of like oh some days they’re like, “Do you want to go outside and play?” “Mm, I’ve got a show coming up in twenty minutes and I’ve really got to watch that.” So priority-wise, everything for me –  I feel like it’s changed. But now I’m trying, just looking back, I accept nature a lot more and I appreciate what it’s done for me like growing up.

Students encourage kids to get outside:

AD: What message would you like to give to kids about the natural world and the environment? When your parents tell you to go outside, and you complain because you don’t want to, trust me, I’ve been there; I’ve had those moments. Like that YouTube video that you want to see seems really important? But just go outside and enjoy it!

LG: The YouTube video will be there later. Nature may not be.

AD: Right. And also grab some friends. That’s one thing: grab some friends, go outside, play kickball if you guys know what that is [laughs]. But go outside and have some fun; enjoy being outside.

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