Christy Ferguson, the Museum Coordinator at SciWorks talks about the importance of the environment with the public.

Christy FergusonThe constant message that I’ve noticed throughout all of my stints and years here is the love. If you make that connection and the love with the environment, you feel a sense of ownership and therefore you’re going to take care of it. And that just comes forward in so many avenues, whether it is in environmental education and spreading that knowledge or conservation or just a general overall care and consideration. And therefore, if you care for it and love it then you’re going to take care of it and continue to help it grow and be everything that you need. It’s our environment. We gotta have it!

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SciWork’s Museum Coordinator shares the impact of learning science.

You can’t pick up a phone without having science. You can’t turn on the TV without having science. You can’t brush your teeth without having science. Everywhere in your life there’s some aspect, some connection to science. Therefore if you create that learning and that connection and that continued love, you’re going to have future leaders that are going to come out and future, you know, CEOs of the toothpaste company or the future developers of the new phone, you know, and it just goes on and on, just all the way around. You can’t walk out the door without hitting science or having science hit you in the face. It’s in the air you breathe.

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