Priya Makufka-Fels shares her concerns for the natural world.

PriyaMakufka-FelsTR: So what kind of threats do you see to nature?

PM: Well I learned that humans are the worst thing for nature. That makes me kind of sad because I want nature to be alive and happy because we are not the only species on Earth. There are many others.

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She describes her “nature club:”

TR: What’s nature club?

PM: Well it’s like a bunch of kids in my class that are trying to help nature and this kid from my class picked a flower and gave it to me and I said, “He picked it!” That was hilarious.

TR: What else does your nature club do?

PM: Well it plants things and it makes lots of funerals. In one day, we made two funerals: one for a dead flower–and the day before I was spending the whole recess looking after it because it had been stepped on–.

TR: Oh no!

PM: And a dead bee. I don’t know where it came from but another member of the nature club came and said, “Here we have another funeral.” But this wasn’t the only year that we did it. We did it like lots of years.

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