Paula and Josie Patch discuss the importance of nature.

PatchPP: So Josie why is nature important to you?

JP: I think that nature, wildlife, and animals; I think it’s all very fascinating how it all works. I just like to be with other, I like to interact with other living things that are animals and everything. So I like to be in the company of nature and I like to be out there because it’s just so cool how, despite everything that we do, it’s still there and it’s still in little places. And I just think it’s interesting how it all works. There’s a cycle to everything, and there’s a chain of how it works and one thing will set off another. Yeah, I like the feeling of being in nature.

A student explains her aspiration to become a scientist:

PP: Why do you want to make a career out of a biologist or naturalist?

JP: Because I have so many questions about nature and I want to find the answers to them and I want to be out working with animals and learning about them. I like to learn about it. But I am a kinetic learner, so that means I like to be hands on. That’s why I think it would be the best job for me because I can be out there doing what I love, being with what I love, and doing it instead of just reading from it or something.

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