Phyllis Weatherly-Rosner, a SciWorks educator, urges students to learn about the natural world.

Phyllis Weatherly-RosnerPW: I think to learn as much as you can about the natural world because science is finding out about the world around us and where your questions lead you, follow them. And try to, maybe don’t specialize too early – to get kind of a broad foundation would be kind of a good idea. But if you’ve got an interest, go for it. Ask questions and you’ll be surprised at the people who will share things, share information with you. I mean I had some neighbors when I was younger who were really into birds. And they took me and my two sisters out on a bird–I don’t know what they called it. We went to the Outer Banks and we looked at swans and different kinds of birds there. They had binoculars for each of us and just, you know, you’d be surprised at what people will share with you if you show an interest in them. So, you know, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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